Healthy Sunday 2.0

Good Day Master & Everyone
This upcoming Sunday (25/11) we will have an outing activity as gathering 💓

"🌼Healthy Sunday🌼"
Venue: Bukit Cahaya Shah Alam
Time: 7:30am 
Activities: Cycling, jogging, picnic

Those who able to join please register your name with us🤗 (before 23/11 Friday)

Having questions? Call us now and ask away📲
👉Mr. Khoo 017 588 8270👈

Thank you 😊

下个星期天(2018/11/25)我们将去位於Shah Alam的Bukit Cahaya进行一系列的团康活动。我们的活动会有野餐、骑单车、跑步等等...

有兴趣参与此活动者,请在 2018/11/23之前向活动长报名。

若想了解更多活动详情,请联系 活动长 Mr Khoo 017-598 8270 (Wechat ID: KhooCH86)

《Reaching with Love 爱心行动5.0》

在月末星期日(2018/10/28)的早上10点正,松涛国际慈善基金会将带着爱心人士所捐赠的物品亲自送到 En Yuan Old Folk Home 恩缘老人之家。同时,我们也会为老人之家的家园进行打扫。欢迎各位善心人士参与我们此活动。

以下的图表是老人之家所需要的日常食品和物资供善心人士参考。 有意尽一份心意或者欲参与的善长人翁,可以联系我们的活动长Mr Khoo 017-5988270 (Wechat ID: KhooCH86)

Good day peeps! We are going for another charity event this month end👏👏👏

Reaching For Love 5.0

Date : 28th October 2018 (Sun)

Time: 10am

Venue: En Yuan Old Folk Home

Objective: Housekeeping and Grocery Donation

We welcome all good Samaritans to join us for this good cause.

You can help and contribute through donation to:


RHB BANK (MALAYSIA) 2-01400-0004534-2 or


Feel free to contact us for more info, MR KHOO 017-598 8270


关爱大自然3.0之大自然清理活动 A Step Closer To Nature 3.0


如今越来越喧嚣的城市中,我们一边享受着现代化科技带来的种种便利,但也承受着巨大的、节奏快到令人窒息的工作、生活压力,忍受着种种城市病。 我们总觉得只有暂时逃离城市走进田野,身心才能得到放松。当我们置身于大自然之中,目睹葱茏的翠绿色时,在清理杂物之时……心情会得到极大的安抚和放松。

《 关爱大自然3.0之大自然清理活动活动 》



Nowadays, we tend to enjoy the conveniences of modern technology, but work for living under stress and suffering from numerous city-diseases. We always wanted a temporary escape from the city and get closer to the nature, for we can be physically and mentally relaxed. Especially when we are surrounding by the mother nature seeing the green environment while cleaning the nature environment...

《A Step Closer To Nature 3.0》 .~ Environmental Cleaning ~.
Date: 30 September 2018 (Sunday)
Time : 9 : 00 a.m.- 11 : 00 a.m.
Venue : Frasers Hill, Pahang, Malaysia

For those who are interested in participating or support us financially for this good cause, you may contact Mr.Khoo for more information. Thank you.

Mid-Autumn Festival Charity Sales

Good day! Mid-Autumn Festival is just around the corner!

Come join us for Charity Sales on 22-23 Sept 2018 (Sat & Sun), at Setia Ecohill Welcome Center, Semenyih. We will be there from 11.00am - 8.00pm.

The money raised from this charity sales will be contributed to International Song Tao Charity Foundation for charity purpose.

We will be selling exclusive books by Master Song Tao, a series of inspiring and life worthy values are pen in his collection.

To find out more, come join us on these dates!

For more info, contact us at 018-272 6666

See you there 😊


《Blood Donation Campaign 爱心捐血活动 1.0》

blood donation.jpg

" Your Blood Can Give A Life to Someone "

Come join our blood donation and health event on this 26th September 2018 (Wednesday), 9.00am - 4.30pm at Sunway University.

Besides blood donation, we will be having health check ups as well. Don't miss out this event, come and join us and save your date for us!!
#blooddonation #savelife
#Blood Donation Campaign 爱心捐血活动 1.0

在 2018/09/28(星期五),我们联合双威大学学生自愿团体 Sunway Student Volunteers在 Art Gallery @ Sunway University College 一起举办的捐血活动。


报名截止日期为 2018/09/17(星期一),过了截止日期也依然欢迎你当天亲临我们的活动现场捐血。

Color 018 - 272 6666 (Wechat ID: color_pang)

blood donation 1.jpg

《Reaching with Love 爱心行动4.0》

mid autumn orphanage.jpg

《Reaching with Love 爱心行动4.0》


有意赞助此活动的善长人翁,可以联系我们的活动长 Mr Khoo 017 -598 8270 (微信号: KhooCH86)。

In this upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival on 2018/09/17, International Song Tao Charity Foundation will be having an early celebration of Mid-Autumn Festival with the children of『Persatuan Rumah Sayangan』. We will be having dinner and games session with them.

We want the children to feel warm and let them know that they are not alone and the world is still full of love. We were greatly encouraged when we saw the cute smiles of the children. It can be said that even your donation of a dollar also helps in giving warmth for these children. Let's spread the love ❤ together!!!

For more information about this event, you may contact, Mr. Khoo at 017-5988270 (Wechat ID: KhooCH86)

Reaching with Love 4.jpg