Healthy Sunday 2.0

Good Day Master & Everyone
This upcoming Sunday (25/11) we will have an outing activity as gathering 💓

"🌼Healthy Sunday🌼"
Venue: Bukit Cahaya Shah Alam
Time: 7:30am 
Activities: Cycling, jogging, picnic

Those who able to join please register your name with us🤗 (before 23/11 Friday)

Having questions? Call us now and ask away📲
👉Mr. Khoo 017 588 8270👈

Thank you 😊

下个星期天(2018/11/25)我们将去位於Shah Alam的Bukit Cahaya进行一系列的团康活动。我们的活动会有野餐、骑单车、跑步等等...

有兴趣参与此活动者,请在 2018/11/23之前向活动长报名。

若想了解更多活动详情,请联系 活动长 Mr Khoo 017-598 8270 (Wechat ID: KhooCH86)