A Step Closer to Nature 2.0 - Gardening Volunteer Program

A Step Closer to Nature 2.0 - Gardening Volunteer Program

Many thanks to all members and volunteers who participated in our 19th August 2018 event on - 关爱大自然2.0之园艺活动 A Step Closer To Nature 2.0 - Gardening Activity.

At 9:00 A.M. sharp, everyone gathered at the Puncak Inn Resort @ Fraser Hills where the representatives of the Pahang State Tourism Bureau had assigned our members and volunteers into two groups, one for environmental cleaning and the other for flowers planting.

The representative of the Tourism Board thanked all the members and volunteers who had participated in the event, as in this age of technology, people tend to spend more time in closed spaces than out in the open, hence, our Gardening Volunteer Activities helps to contribute towards a clean and comfortable environment for Bukit Fraser, as well as creating a memorable and meaningful gardening volunteering memory for each and every one of us!



早上9点整,大家集合位于Pahang, Fraser Hill 的Puncak Inn,并由当地彭亨州旅游局的代表分配会员们以及自愿者去两个组别,分别为一个组收拾垃圾及栽种花朵。 旅游局代表感谢所有会员们以及自愿者共同参与此活动,由于人们渐渐得远离大自然,所以此行大家动手为福隆港打造干净与舒适的环境,也为大家的园艺义工行留下一个美好的回忆。