A Step Closer to Nature 1.0 - Zoo Negara Volunteer Program

感谢所有会员和自愿者参与于2018年6月24号所举办的 (A Step Closer to Nature 1.0 - Zoo Negara Volunteer Program) 之动物园义工行活动。

早上8点整,大家集合位于Ampang的Zoo Negara 国家动物园,并由动物园管理员分配会员们以及自愿者去各个不同区域打扫卫生和喂食动物。


Thank you to all the members and volunteers for your participation in the zoo volunteer activities held on June 24, 2018 (A Step Closure To Nature chapter 1.0).

Everyone arrived at the National Zoo in Ampang at 8am and were given a briefing on safety in the morning before we were divided into groups and led by zoo keepers to our assigned areas.

We had spent the whole morning cleaning the area within the enclosure, laid out grass and diets for the animals to feed on. The zoo’s representative was thankful for our volunteerism initiative for the zoo was in constant need of volunteers as they were lacked of staff to fully maintain the zoo.

It was a great volunteering programme besides getting your hands dirty - literally! Nonetheless, the satisfaction derived from helping out is indeed a wonderful feeling.💗