A Step Closer to Nature 关爱大自然 3.0 - Environmental Cleaning 大自然清理活动

<A Step Closer to Nature 3.0 - Environmental Cleaning>

Many thanks to all members and volunteers who participated in our 30th September 2018 event on Environmental Cleaning. We never realize the amount of trash in our mother nature until we get into the cleaning process. Many thanks to our volunteers and participants for spending your weekend here with us that has brought a positive difference to our mother nature. ✌️😁🌟👏👏👏

< 关爱大自然3.0之大自然清理活动>

松涛国际慈善基金会于2018年9月30号举办了关爱大自然3.0之大自然清理活动。 特别感谢所有参与这一次活动的松涛国际慈善基金会会员和自愿者以及参与者,使得这一次的活动更加成功!✌️😁🌟👏👏👏