520 mostly celebrated by couples but let us not forget to spread our love to our family and friends.

This coming Sunday (2018/05/27), let us all extend our love to the elderly in Sungai Way Old Folk Homes where FULL STOP HAIR SALON will carry out hair cutting program for the elderly too. Come join us on this meaningful event, and let's bring them more happiness and joy.

Below are the details of the event:
Venue: Rumah Sejahtera Seri Setia (Sungai Way Old Folk Home)
Date: 2018/05/27 (Sunday)
Time: 10am-1pm


Happy Sunday and Happy 520!

520 poster2.jpg

If any of you would like to contribute some donation for this event, you could support us by,
1. Crossed Cheque
「Payable to“Yayasan Kebajikan Song Tao Antarabangsa"」
2. Bank in to 「RHB Bank Account: 2-01400-0004534-2
3. Please inform us of your donation and send the bank-in-slip to「finance@songtaofoundation.net」or 6018 2110 888 (Whatsapp).

If you wish to speak to someone before making your donation, please call our Public Relations Officer - Color at +6018 272 6666 (Monday-Friday, 10:00am – 5:00pm local time).

Be part of our caring act. Let's spread the love around 💓 💓💓

#松涛国际慈善基金会 International Song Tao Charity Foundation Reaching with Love 2.0